Does Low AMH Mean I Won’t Be Able To Conceive Naturally?


At the beginning of a woman’s reproductive life, AHM is higher & as we age, the levels typically slowly decline.

AMH is indeed a valuable tool for fertility specialists to gauge appropriate dosages of fertility treatments and assess the feasibility of egg retrieval for IVF. Though, it is crucial to understand that AMH levels alone cannot determine a woman’s chances of conceiving naturally or provide an accurate assessment of her overall egg count. The focus should not solely rest on AMH, as it is just one piece of the fertility puzzle. Using the results for determining a woman’s chances of natural conception is problematic, and here’s why.

AMH is NOT a direct measure of egg quality.

In fact, research shows that women with diminished ovarian reserve (low egg count) have about the same chances of conception as a woman with ‘normal’ levels. Furthermore, there are a range of things that can affect your AMH levels, including;

Hormonal Contraception
Vitamin D levels

If you have been labelled with ‘low or diminished ovarian reserve’ it doesn’t automatically mean you cant get pregnant naturally, and it’s important to highlight the various options available for boosting AMH levels. Taking into account certain lifestyle factors that have the potential to influence AMH levels, making positive changes such as weight loss, adopting a healthy diet, and reducing stress can be beneficial in improving AMH levels.

Additionally, certain supplements like Selenium, Vitamin D, CoQ10, DHEA, and vitamin E have shown promising results in raising AMH levels. Incorporating these specific nutrients into your diet or through targeted supplementation offers another potential avenue for enhancing ovarian health and AMH levels.

I’ve lost count of the number of women I’ve spoken with who have been diagnosed with “low ovarian reserve” and hastily directed towards IVF. Unfortunately, the notion that Anti-Müllerian Hormone is a reliable measure of a woman’s reproductive timeline continues to foster so much unnecessary anxiety. You may be unable to control the AMH number on the test result, but you CAN control the factors that affect AMH levels and your egg quality.

Remember, quality over quality

Sending baby dust your way!

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