Such kinds words from my past clients about my coaching and courses.

It felt as though I had known Hannah for years

"My journey of understanding my body started 12 months ago when meeting Hannah and undertaking “ Transform Your Cycle”. Hannah provided me with so much knowledge and guidance, which led us to have our now 4-month-old baby girl. It felt as though I had known Hannah for years, and I am just so grateful to have crossed paths. I can not recommend Hannah enough. She truly is amazing in so many ways professionally and personally".

Today I am holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms, and it's all thanks to Hannah.

"Today I am holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms, and it's all thanks to Hannah. Hannah supported me through the whole process, from countless questions text to her all throughout the time of trying to conceive, to the anxiety ridden questions throughout the whole pregnancy. And I asked them all! I feel incredibly blessed to have found Han to guide me through the whole process. I truly believe I wouldn't be sitting here now with my baby boy without her"

I couldn't recommend the course highly enough!

"After spending a lot of years on the contraceptive pill, I was looking for another form of birth control that wouldn't give me any nasty side effects. I just happened to stumble across Hannah and the Body Bluprint. I was pretty apprehensive at first as I literally knew nothing about it, I contacted Hannah, and she put me at ease straight away. I joined the 8 week coaching program, and it was amazing. I have learnt so much. I can't believe I have got to nearly 40 and knew so little about my body! I feel very confident to put into practice everything that Hannah has taught me over the 8 week program. I also know if I ever have any questions Hannah would be more than happy to answer them. Overall I couldn't recommend the course highly enough! Hannah is passionate about what she is teaching, and that shows in her delivery of the course and all the preparation she clearly puts into each session."

I have conceived on our very first attempt!

"I recently completed Hannah's program with the aim to gain more insight into my cycle, learn how to chart and interpret the data. I also wanted to prepare my body for pregnancy and just improve my overall health literacy. Well, that can I say, my partner and I have conceived on our very first attempt! I can honestly say that Hannah's program has provided me with the knowledge and tools to improve my chances of succeeding so early on. Not to mention, Hannah is so knowledgeable and driven to help women to achieve their goals whether that be to conceive or avoid pregnancy. She is incredibly supportive and communicative and will be able to provide guidance regardless if you've been trying for a while or just starting out. Thank you so much, Hannah! I just know you're going to do great things."

I am 100% more confident in charting

"Hannah was absolutely amazing! No answer left unturned. If she was unsure, she would research and find out the answer for me. I am 100% more confident in charting and knowing my cervical mucus. 10/10 would recommend."

Hannah is so well educated and passionate

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge; I have learned so much. You are so well educated and passionate about teaching everyone all you know. This is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about their body or trying to conceive."

We have conceived our first baby

"Hannah is a godsend. She taught me all the things about how my body works that we should be taught in high school. I had never heard of FAM prior to Hannah's wonderful course. It has helped me gain a better understanding of my health and empowered me to make informed and confident choices about my body. With Hannah's help, we have conceived our first baby, and I'm not sure we could have done it without her. Her assistance and guidance on our conception journey was truly invaluable, and I'll be forever in her debt for her patience, understanding and generosity. I can't wait to watch on as Hannah continues to change lives through education. She has definitely found her calling."

Wow! This course was amazing!

"Wow! This course was amazing! I had such a fun time learning about all things charting and knowing from experience that it actually works to avoid getting pregnant. From the way the course material was beautifully put together to enjoying online chats with a group of women who were in the same boat... Hannah did such a fantastic job at coaching each of us about how intricate and perfect a woman's body has been made. I'm mindblown! Thankyou Hannah for making this course available for women who are seeking natural methods to conceive or avoid pregnancy. I would recommend this to every woman in the world... they don't understand what they are missing out on!."

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