My journey to becoming a mum began just like many other couples’. At the outset, I didn’t know much about my cycles, and I felt like I was navigating this path alone, with minimal support from medical professionals.

Fast forward a couple of years, I explored various conventional methods to conceive, and despite undergoing the emotional rollercoaster of IVF, I still was without success. 

It wasn’t until I learnt about Fertility Awareness and uncovered the root cause of my fertility and menstrual health issues that I saw results.

Transform Your Cycle has now supported dozens of couples from around the world to get pregnant - just like I did.
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Transform Your Cycle

The program will take you on a journey of self-discovery, combining a blended learning delivery allowing you to learn at your own pace and fit it around your life and existing commitments.

What's included

Educational content

  • 16 online learning modules
  • 2 X 60-minute coaching sessions with Fertility Coach Hannah
  • A lesson delivered by a certified Naturopath on all things prenatal supplementation and preparation.
  • Access to exclusive content from other professionals in the field.

Everything to get you started with charting your cycles

  • 3-month complimentary subscription to the Read Your Body App
  • Body Bluprint digital learning resources

Ongoing support

  • Community Support via a dedicated Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to the learning content & client only Facebook group where you can continue to interact and ask questions to Hannah (as long as you want!)
Hannah sitting at a desk with the program Transform Your Cycles on the screen of a laptop.

I'm going to teach you everything you need to know.

You'll learn

  • How to use The Fertility Awareness Method to get pregnant naturally.
  • How to not only chart your cycles, but master how to interpret the data you’re collecting. 
  • How to understand and interpret cervical mucus, basal body temperature and LH testing.
  • How to know if & when you’re ovulating or not and identify your fertile window.
  • How to prepare for a healthy pregnancy (diet, supplements, lifestyle).
  • What supplements are recommended, and how to select the best quality ones.  
  • Identify if you have a healthy cycle & develop strategies to improve your hormonal health.
  • Everything about your hormones and how they affect your fertility.
  • About your reproductive anatomy (think of it as the Sex-Ed you missed out on at school).
  • How to identify hormonal abnormalities and gain the confidence to advocate for yourself medically.

With the right support you can:

  • Gain Incredible knowledge and understanding of your body and hormones.
  • Uncover any hormonal imbalances that may be standing in your way of becoming pregnant.
  • Develop the ability to expertly observe and monitor your signs of fertility, to know when the best time for intercourse is for you.
  • Learn how to properly* identify your fertile window to consciously achieve pregnancy.
  • Gain the confidence to advocate for yourself and guide conversations around medical treatment.
  • Know what questions to ask when dealing with health practitioners.
  • Understand what supplements you should be taking. 
  • Learn how to understand what your symptoms are telling you.
  • Use your charts as a personal health diagnostic tool.

Imagine being able to get pregnant consciously - on your terms...

That's possible...with the right support

Couple that fell pregnant naturally with help from Hannah at the Body Bluprint with their baby.
Client Love….

“Hannah is so knowledgeable & informative. The guidance & support Hannah gave me is second to none. I could not recommend Hannah highly enough & I wouldn’t be where I am today without her”- April

A sneak peak into the modules

Hormones & how they affect your cycles & fertility, female anatomy, mastering your cervical mucus, basal body temperature (BBT), LH Testing, identifying ovulation, male fertility, TTC myths & facts, understanding healthy cycle parameters, detecting hormonal imbalances, optimising prenatal nutrition & wellness.

You will receive lifetime access. 

Yes! there is the option to pay in full for $549 or 3 x installments of $185.

Absolutely!  Knowledge is power. Many clients have taken this training in preparation for getting pregnant in the future. You receive lifetime access to the learning modules, so you can revisit them anytime if you forget some details.

Yes, this training can be used for women wanting to avoid pregnancy naturally. However, I do recommend engaging in the  1:1 mentoring to ensure you fully understand the method before putting it into action. 

You can join straight away. All lessons are pre-recorded, and you can work through them at your own pace. You will receive an email with all of your log-ins and instructions as soon as checkout is complete. 

I offer a range of coaching, including 1:1 coaching and one-off sessions.  Please email me at and we will discuss a package that is suited to your circumstances. 

Couple that fell pregnant naturally with help from Hannah at the Body Bluprint with their baby.
Client Love….

“I can honestly say that Hannah’s program has provided me with the knowledge and tools to improve my chances of falling pregnant so early on.” – Ash

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