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Learn to chart your cycles

Ready to understand your fertile signs and get pregnant or avoid pregnancy without the use of hormonal birth control?

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Regardless of whether your goal is to achieve or avoid pregnancy, Fertility Awareness coaching is designed to empower you with the tools to connect with your body, take a holistic view of your cycles and get a better picture of any hormonal issues that may be standing in the way of your fertility goals.



2 months access (online only)

Transform is for the woman who is ready to learn how to chart her cycles, and has the motivation to take the self-paced route. Maybe she has read some books and understands the benefits of charting but is searching for more interactive content to help understand the method and increase her confidence.


  • 16 online modules containing everything you need to know to learn the method for either achieving or avoiding pregnancy.
  • Instructional videos
  • The Body Bluprint 50 page digital learning resource
  • 3 months complimentary subscription to the Read Your Body App.
  • Learning checkpoints & quizzes
  • Opportunity to purchase one on one support at a heavily reduced rate



3 Month Group Coaching Program

Learning to chart your cycles is fun, but let’s face it, there is something about being around other women as you embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery that makes it extra special. Reclaim is for the woman who loves the social aspect of learning and perhaps needs a little more support to put it all into practice.


  • 4 Live group coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Q & A sessions.
  • Access to all Transform your cycle online modules.
  • Charting starter kit, including
    • 3 month complimentary subscription to the Read Your Body App
    • Body Bluprint digital learning resource
    • Digital thermometer
    • 10 x LH testing strips
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Messenger Support
  • Community support via a dedicated Facebook Group

Cost $495 (pay in full)
$181.50 on monthly payment plan

There are 4 group coaching programs per year, and spots fill up quickly. Click the link below to register for the waitlist, and be first in line when the next course opens up. Payment not required until course date announcement.




5 Month Program

The Revolutionize program is for the women who doesn’t want to waste any time. She’s ready to jump in both feet first, learn about her body and get the follow up support from a holistic practitioner all in one place. The beauty of Revolutionize is that if any hormonal issues are uncovered throughout the program, you will already have a referral in place with an experienced Naturopath that can get your health on track without the runaround!


  • 4 Live group coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Access to all Transform your cycle online modules
  • Q & A sessions
  • Charting starter kit including
    • 3 month complimentary subscription to the Read Your Body App.
    • Body Bluprint digital learning resource.
    • Digital thermometer.
    • 10 x LH testing strips.
  • 5 months of unlimited WhatsApp messenger support
  • Community support via a dedicated Facebook Group.
  • 2 x 30 minute 1:1 with Hannah
  • 1 x initial consultation with a Naturopath specialising in women’s health & fertility.

What is Fertility Awareness (FAM)?

Believe it or not, we were born with all the tools we need to control our own reproductive health. The Fertility Awareness Method enables you to form a deep understanding of your body, reproductive system and unique cycles to either conceive consciously or avoid pregnancy (and the nasty side effects of hormonal birth control). Fertility Awareness or “charting” utilises science and human biology; to understand when you are fertile during your cycle. In fact, studies have found that just 13% of women who’ve been trying to conceive for a year have enough information to accurately tell when they are fertile and, therefore, when they need to time sex.

If avoiding pregnancy is where you are at, you can use FAM for birth control with confidence. FAM for birth control carries between a 92-98% efficacy rate (compared with 92% for HBC- based on typical use effectiveness); cool huh?!

Fertility awareness is not just about achieving or avoiding pregnancy; it is so much more than that. Fertility Awareness is the starting block that allows women to start living cyclically and in tune with their bodies, to get back to how nature intended, unencumbered by synthetic hormones and in tune with their original body bluprint. When a woman becomes aware of her innate wisdom and inner power, when she is able to tap into her intuition and listen to her body, she is unstoppable.

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