Fertility Affirmation Cards


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Affirmation cards can be a powerful part of your fertility tool kit and help guide you on your journey to becoming the beautiful Mumma you deserve to be.

The cards support you to anticipate fertility, health and happiness, leveraging the law of attraction and a positive mindset, while setting clear intentions for your journey that instil belief in your ability and power to achieve your fertility goals.

This 24-card deck has been lovingly designed by the founder of The Body Bluprint, Hannah, with feminine silhouettes to instil beautiful illusions of pregnancy and blooming florals to symbolize fertility. Each card has a special affirmation that Hannah herself used while on her journey with infertility to give you positivity, encouragement & inspiration

Printed on 350 gsm cardstock with a high-quality print, the cards come in a matching pack that makes them perfect for gifting or tucking away in your back to use on the go.

Draw a card whenever you need direction and focus on the words. Each day brings with it a new beginning, set them as a daily intention and repeat them as a positive mantra.


"Wow! This course was amazing! I had such a fun time learning about all things charting and knowing from experience that it actually works to avoid getting pregnant. From the way the course material was beautifully put together to enjoying online chats with a group of women who were in the same boat... Hannah did such a fantastic job at coaching each of us about how intricate and perfect a woman's body has been made. I'm mindblown! Thankyou Hannah for making this course available for women who are seeking natural methods to conceive or avoid pregnancy. I would recommend this to every woman in the world... they don't understand what they are missing out on!."
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