What’s the deal with estrogen?


Estrogen is often given a bad rap, we usually hear about estrogen and the role it can play in increasing the chances of some cancers, placing you at a higher risk of blood clots & stroke and even wreaking havoc on women’s thyroids.

But the truth is, Estrogen is an essential reproductive hormone, and like anything it’s all about balance! Usually, estrogen becomes an issue when you have too much of it in relation to the amount of progesterone your body is producing, too little estrogen or your body is struggling to metabolise or detoxify estrogen from your body.

Estrogen has so many benefits on the body including
Protecting the heart & brain
Anti aging for the skin
Regulates the menstrual cycle
Boosts mood
Maintains metabolic rate
Improves muscle & bone density

Estrogen excess is usually obvious when a woman is charting her cycles as it shows up throughout the cycle in a number of ways. Check out this post on Instagram where I explain all the ways that estrogen excess can be obvious through charting your cycles.

And also this handy tip here for detoxifying some of that estrogen if it has overstayed its welcome 😉

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