6 Fertile Days : The Secret to Mastering Them


I have a whole post here on ovulation, why it is so important, and why is may not be happening for you!

Calendar showing day of ovulation.

By consistently monitoring these signs, you can pinpoint your fertile window—the time when conception is most likely—and make informed decisions about sexual activity, free from hormonal birth control.

But the benefits of fertility tracking extend beyond contraception or conception planning. The data you collect can provide crucial insights into your hormone levels and overall health. For instance, you can assess whether you have an estrogen dominance or a progesterone deficiency, confirm the occurrence of ovulation, evaluate thyroid function, and ensure hormone balance.

Through this process, you’ll also uncover any potential fertility obstacles that could hinder your conception journey. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll gain confidence to advocate for your health and actively participate in conversations with healthcare professionals, guiding your future medical treatment.

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Wishing you balanced hormones & baby dust

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