Cervical Mucus Mastery- Mini Course


Mastering your cervical mucus observations can be one of the most challenging components of learning to chart your cycles with the Fertility Awareness Method.

This mini course clearly outlines the different cervical mucus categories and also helps you to understand better the link that these critical signs of fertility have with our hormones throughout the cycle.

This mini training includes a 22-page manual filled with all of the information you need to understand cervical mucus,  a Body Bluprint paper chart and also a training video that steps you through the process of learning to understand and interpret your cervical mucus.

This training will benefit the newest of charters through to the most experienced. Whether you have limited knowledge under your belt or an experienced charter and feel CM could be the missing part of the puzzle, this training will give you the confidence to own your charting and control your reproductive health.

Topics covered;

  • What is cervical mucus?
  • Hormones throughout the menstrual cycle
  • The different types of cervical mucus, and their important functions
  • How to determine the difference between cervical mucus
  • How to identify ovulation using cervical mucus
  • Understanding healthy cycle parameters

At check out, you will be emailed both the instructional video and the eBook.

*Please note: It is highly recommended that when using FAM for contraception that you seek the support of a certified Fertility Awareness Educator. This resource covers the cervical mucus aspect of FAM ONLY, and does NOT give the appropriate instructions, nor does it take the place of the coaching and instruction that is needed to practice the fertility awareness method effectively for birth control.


"Wow! This course was amazing! I had such a fun time learning about all things charting and knowing from experience that it actually works to avoid getting pregnant. From the way the course material was beautifully put together to enjoying online chats with a group of women who were in the same boat... Hannah did such a fantastic job at coaching each of us about how intricate and perfect a woman's body has been made. I'm mindblown! Thankyou Hannah for making this course available for women who are seeking natural methods to conceive or avoid pregnancy. I would recommend this to every woman in the world... they don't understand what they are missing out on!."
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